What’s There… in the Dark.

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“Turn around little one and look into my eyes! *Fade Out*“

Yes… I accept. I am afraid of the dark. Oddly enough, none of my relatives are. I would love to believe it to be a side-effect of some superhuman ability I possess, but sadly they haven’t shown themselves yet. So, the only logical option I am left with is to accept that I am indeed afraid of the ominous dark.

But, what is it about the dark that scares me and millions of others around the globe?

Since it’s a topic dealing with something abstract and personal, it’s time for some courageous introspection!

I knew and understood that I was not afraid of the color Black. On the contrary, I had even started regarding the signature Black and White Suit as being just plain awesome. Also, as everyone afraid of the dark can relate, I tend to become overly paranoid of the dark after watching a very graphic and superbly directed horror movie. It seems only natural to be so. I or rather We, are not afraid of the dark but rather of what is concealed in it. It is fitting too as the dark provides a blank canvas on which anything can be painted and perceived.

What great mystery lies concealed behind the curtain of the dark that sparks our imagination and curiosity.

Anyone and everyone who is afraid of the dark and has tried to overcome that fear knows that there isn’t anything there but still believes that there is. Holding these two contradictory thoughts simultaneously confuses and in that confusion forms a very distorted understanding of what is happening, incomplete in both lines of thought. Neither do we make out or deduce what the situation is or how we should act. Nor do we completely agree on what the other line of thought portrays as we possess the simple and absolute knowledge that there isn’t anything there. Right? In that confusion, our imagination runs riot and fetches the most recently refreshed memory of what is associated with the dark, namely demons and other foul creatures, in an attempt to dismiss the chaos, conjuring a very graphic and haunting pseudo-reality which we, unwillingly yet without failing, believe in. So Naive! Right?

A very peculiar thing happens when someone afraid of the dark takes control of their wit and sits down to confront their fear. At first, the usual reaction takes place but what may follow is a classic example of Mind’s control over body. After the initial terror has subsided and the pupillary response has occurred, the mind’s cognitive functions prevail over memory and an epiphany occurs.

“Thou shalt not be afraid!”

We see reason. But for that clarity to come, one does need to take the courageous step of thinking about the situation from a fresh perspective and clear our consciousness of all fear… be it for a moment. A moment is all that is needed for the cognitive functions to take lead. A moment suffices.

In the end, I would like to say that although mostly a Nyctophobiac’s confrontation with the dark is an unpleasant experience, once you realize there is nothing there, a previously unexplored domain is discovered where imagination and thought can flourish beyond what previously has been ever experienced by that individual.

Perhaps, Now I do have a Superhuman ability of reason!

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